Mendon Historical Museum

The Mendon Historical Museum resides at its new home on 15 Hastings Street

Acquired in 2017, 15 Hastings Street was bequeathed to the Mendon Historical Society by former society President, Berneta (Lowell) DeVries. The property belonged to the Lowell family for generations. Harold (Put) Lowell, Berneta’s father, was Mendon’s fire chief and the garage at the back of the property was Mendon’s first fire barn. In an effort to preserve Mendon’s historic structures, it was Berneta’s wish to secure the future of this home and property by gifting it to the Mendon Historical Society.

The museum houses historical artifacts and documents pertaining to the long history of the town of Mendon with curated, themed exhibits set up in each of the rooms.

Still relatively new to the society, curation is ongoing. It is fully operated by Mendon Historical Society volunteers. To access the museum, please contact the Historical Society at the link below. The museum is currently open by appointment only.

Email us at to make an appointment.

The former Mendon Historical Museum at 3 Main Street, Mendon, MA was built in 1825. Over the years it was used as a bank, a private residence, a law office, a private school, a library, and as a storage facility for town documents.  It is now property of the Town of Mendon and no longer houses any historic artifacts.

Tour of the old Museum from March 1994

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