the historic town of Mendon

settled in 1659


The objects of this Society shall be to cultivate and encourage among its members, a love for historical research, the accumulation and preservation of all matters of historical nature relating to the Town of Mendon since her first settlement in the year 1659.

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Mendon Baseball Uniform Preservation

This baseball uniform was worn by Frank M. Aldrich circa 1883. This was the standard baseball uniform used by the Mendon Town Team. It was donated in September 1972 by Florence J. Aldrich, the daughter of Frank M. Aldrich. Mendon Historical Society1880s Baseball Uniform TreatmentBy Katy W. O’Donnell, textile conservator Deemed America’s national pastime, baseball has long been…

Mendon Historical Society

15 Hastings Street, Mendon, Massachusetts 01756