the historic town of Mendon

settled in 1659


The objects of this Society shall be to cultivate and encourage among its members, a love for historical research, the accumulation and preservation of all matters of historical nature relating to the Town of Mendon since her first settlement in the year 1659.


Visit the Mendon Historical Museum located at 15 Hastings Street, Mendon MA


Special events held relating to the history of the town of Mendon


Become a member to support historic preservation and participate in special community events

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Mending for Mendon

On February 23, 2022, I delivered three garments from the archives of the Mendon Historical Society to the department of Textiles, Merchandising, and Design (TMD) at the University of Rhode Island (URI). The department houses URI’s Historic Textile and Costume Collection and the students may choose to concentrate in historic textile conservation as a partContinue reading “Mending for Mendon”

Mendon Historical Society

15 Hastings Street, Mendon, Massachusetts 01756