A Taste of Mendon History: Community Cookbook

As a fundraiser to support the reopening of the Historical Society Museum this spring and ongoing archival and conservation efforts, the Historical Society is selling cookbooks with a connection to Mendon’s history!

Cookbooks $12

Society members Norma Phipps Allard and Ruth Hoisington O’Grady compiled a collection of classic recipes that were offered in three different cookbooks from the 1950’s. These original cookbooks were created by members of  the Mendon Unitarian Church, the Mendon Baptist Church and Saint Michaels Catholic Church. In addition to the recipes some of the original advertising has been included. Norma and Ruth have also shared memories of the people who contributed to the original cookbooks. This cookbook is a trip down memory lane and a reflection of our community when dinner was always on the stove and church suppers were an important part of our social fabric.

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